Job Management Systems

Keeping track of the jobs within your business, and ensuring they are compelted on time and on budget is the key to every business. But often the off-the-shelf solutions dont work the way you do. This is where we can help

Job Management Systems

Job Management Systems are where we began - before setting up Nighthawk Software Gavin worked at APD, an electrical engineering company in Annan, Scotland. Here he took over development of their internal parts order tracking system, and turned it in to a full project Management System.

This system became critical to the operations of the company, and grew to cover all aspects, from quoting, recording labour usage through to invoicing.

With every employee accessing the system to log hours spent or parts used, the system became an incredibly powerful tool for monitoring jobs and tracking their progress. The ability to create invoices with the click of a button, and ability to generate reports in seconds, proved a massive advantage to the business

Gavin left APD with the intention of helping other businesses to realise the benefits of bespoke software development, and job management systems remain at the core of what we do.

Designing Your Perfect System

Our goal is to develop the perfect system that works exactly the way you want it to, without unecessary bloat and clutter.

To achieve this, we need to get to know your business.

By sitting down together with yourself and your key employees, we can discuss and identify what you really need. We can also take a look at your current processes to identify painpoints and bottlenecks.

From here, we can then design a system that eliminates these problems, and concentrates on delivering exactly what you need