Database Systems

By storing all your companies data in a database, you unlock an enormous amount of potential for reporting and analysing statistics.

Database Systems

I love databases. By storing data in a database you can campletely transform your business by generating a whole heap of statistics that you may never have considered

I once came across a company that used spreadsheets to keep track of orders. Each order was a different spreadsheet. All the data was isolated and they had no statistics or reports they could look at. Even working out how many orders they had received was tricky - you had to count all the files.

Move all of this data to a database and reporting and statistics generation increases massively - seconds to run off reports showing total quoted value per month. Or per employee. Top selling producs can be identified in just a click, including breakdowns per month. Relationships between products can also be identified - did you know customers that buy Item X always buy Item Y too?

In just a few clicks you can now provide a huge amount of analysis on your business, instantly highlighting problems and revealing opportunities that can help transform your business

Prior to foundign Nighthawk Software, Gavin worked on database projects for clients such as Pirelli, Nissan and McVities. For manufacturing companies, analysing production data can be critical. The sooner problems can be identified the better - resulting in less downtime and production loss.

Why not connect directly to your production systems and ensure every alarm and sensor reading is recorded for future analysis?

Designing Your Perfect System

Our goal is to develop the perfect system that works exactly the way you want it to, without unecessary bloat and clutter.

To achieve this, we need to get to know your business.

By sitting down together with yourself and your key employees, we can discuss and identify what you really need. We can also take a look at your current processes to identify painpoints and bottlenecks.

From here, we can then design a system that eliminates these problems, and concentrates on delivering exactly what you need