Work Smarter - Not Harder

Have you heard this saying before? It’s literally at the core of everything we do.

Work Smarter - Not Harder

19th October 2023

Have you heard this saying before? It’s literally at the core of everything we do.A guy working hard, viewed from above at a desk

Every time we work with a customer it is with one thing in mind – allowing them to work smarter, not harder.

Because doing so can save you thousands of pounds every year, as we’ve often found.

How much time do you lose typing up paper forms that are handed in each day?
How much time do you lose working out costs on a job and typing up invoices?
How much time do you lose chasing up jobs to answer customers queries?

This isn’t working smart. All of this can be automated to save you time and money.

Do you want a good example of this?

Well, we once worked with a small engineering company that was losing thousands of man hours every day due to the way they handled timesheets. Every Monday morning each employee would pop in to the office and drop off their timesheet, then head out to site to work. They were losing an hour of production every morning, for every employee.

10 employees x consultancy rate (£50/hr) = £500 a week, or £26,000 a year!

We wrote them a timesheet system, which allowed every user to log in and enter their timesheets digitally each day. No more lost time travelling to the office. Not only that, but we also saved the receptionist countless hours each week having to type up the timesheets in to the system. Everything was now automated.

In total we saved this company over £26,000 a year in lost revenue, for a system that cost less than half that. Instant profit.

We helped their employees work smarter, not harder.

Why not get in touch and see how we can help you? If your staff are overworked and stretched to the limit, don’t hire extra staff – make your existing staff work smarter.