First Impressions Count – So Make Yours Look Professional

Make sure your systems present the right image of your company. Clue: A hosted excel spreadsheets dont.

First Impressions Count – So Make Yours Look Professional

26th May 2023

A few weeks ago I was approached by a lead generation company. Their premise was simple – they’d go out and search through social media for the right contact person at companies that might be interested in my service. They were charging £1,000 a month for the service.

They gave me an online demo, and they showed me an example of the data they had produced for another client …. in a google spreadsheet. They then went on to explain how they would add the contacts they discovered to this sheet, and how you could then update the date columns as you made contact with them.

I nearly fell of my seat laughing.

£1,000 a month for an excel spreadsheet? These guys suddenly started looking like amateurs.. simply by the way they were presenting their data.

Lets leave the merits of their business model to the side for a minute.

Imagine instead the image they would have presented if they sent a login to a client portal, showing a list of all your leads? A nicely branded, custom CRM system. Click on each one to see the status of the connection.

Immediately they are presenting a much more professional image to the prospective client.

Mockup comparison between Excel and a well designed dashboard

Now what if we took it a step further, and implemented features that wouldn’t be possible in a spreadsheet? Perhaps integration with your email account, to allow sending and receiving of messages to the lead right from the interface? Multi user support so you can let your team deal with leads too. Reports showing performance of each team member over time, and highlighting where most of your successful leads have came from?

Now we are talking. Instead of just offering leads in a spreadsheet, they’re offering a fully blown custom CRM system that they can populate for you, then monitor and coach you on your interactions with the prospects.

Example of a CMS system showing built in messaging

Now.. how much would a system like this cost? Probably around £10k.

How many customers also cringed when they saw the excel spreadsheet like I did? How many then chose not to deal with the company as they just didnt look very professional? And yet if we could help land just one extra customer, the system would have paid for itself within the year! 10 customers would pay for the system in just a month!

So what are you waiting for? What kind of first impression do your customers get when they contact you? Get in touch and let us see how we can change that, and help boost sales for you.